Thursday, April 16, 2015


Did you ever feel that people won’t appreciate you? Did you ever feel that sometimes you’re comparing yourself to others? Did you ever feel that you’re thinking what others think about you? Are you a victim of a cyber-bully?  Or it might be, someone is bullying you at school?

If yes, there’s really something wrong about you. Why? At first, you’re listening to what others think about you. You keep accepting their negative thoughts about yourself well in fact they don’t even know you at all, instead of ignoring them, you just keep on accepting their thoughts. And that’s the reason that they keep on judging you. Fight with it if you think that they’re wrong. If it is true, accept it and learn from it. If they won’t accept it, they won’t worth it. 

Have you realized that you won’t accept yourself because you always think about what others say? They think… they say… they keep on judging….they keep on bullying me…”

Be positive. Don’t change yourself!  Start accepting yourself! Know yourself! God knows you! No one will judge the way God created you. Accept it! Live with it! Love yourself! You should be thankful. Bitterness, hatred, jealousy won’t give you satisfaction. Don’t live with it. Live a life with full of positive thoughts and always remember that you are blessed!

Sharing this song! 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TODAY GOD WANTS ME TO KNOW: "There is no safety, No security."

 "Security is an illusion, a grasping of your ego to eternal life. There is no eternal life for the ego or for the body. God given, God taken. The more you try to hide behind the false shield of security, the harder will be the fall. Let go of the illusion, and abide in God's grace."

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Yow! Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram  are one of my Top Social Medias. Okey. Okey! Why not Facebook?

Facebook is easy to use and don't you know that when Friendster still exist, I already have a Facebook Account. Really! But at first, I  don't know how to operate it. Ha-ha! It's normal. Yes I know.

Facebook is not included in the list of my social media because I felt like I'm becoming so emotional.

I did search about Facebook. In fact, it revealed that Facebook can make us unhappy.

No one joins Facebook to be sad and lonely. But a new study from the University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross argues that that’s exactly how it makes us feel. Over two weeks, Kross and his colleagues sent text messages to eighty-two Ann Arbor residents five times per day. The researchers wanted to know a few things: how their subjects felt overall, how worried and lonely they were, how much they had used Facebook, and how often they had had direct interaction with others since the previous text message. Kross found that the more people used Facebook in the time between the two texts, the less happy they felt—and the more their overall satisfaction declined from the beginning of the study until its end. The data, he argues, shows that Facebook was making them unhappy.
Source: Click this link
Okey, what I'm tryin to say is that. Facebook can makes us sad, happy and angry. Okey, if your friends or one of your family posted in their Facebook about you and you accidentally read it. You become emotional. I don't know, but sometimes I don't usually open my Facebook. I usually use my top social medias and just share it to facebook so that everyone will know what I'm doing or what pictures I'm about to share with them.

And one thing. If you're angry don't post it in Facebook or else, it will become an issue. (that's when you don't like to have an issue with someone. Don't post. If you like. Then post. If it is for your Family. Don't post. Respect them. Don't post. Just talk to them. You're not alone. You have your family and friends to talk to. Don't keep it. Speak it. Don't post negative thoughts. It will makes you more sad.) 

When I'm sad or angry. I usually create a post. But if I'm reading it twice or thrice. I deleted it. I don't want to post negative thoughts. If I feel that way, I'm just hanging out with my friends and talk to them. 

 Facebook can makes us sadder and unsatisfied with what God has given to us.

 Another research:
The study authors did not get at the reasons Facebook made their test subjects feel glum. But Jonides suspects it may have to do with social comparison.

"When you're on a site like Facebook, you get lots of posts about what people are doing. That sets up social comparison — you maybe feel your life is not as full and rich as those people you see on Facebook," he says.

Interestingly, Jonides notes, the study found the effects of Facebook are most pronounced for those who socialize the most "in real life." He says the folks who did the most direct, face-to-face socializing and used social media were the ones who reported the most Facebook-related mood decline.

"It suggests that when you are engaging in social interactions a lot, you're more aware of what others are doing and, consequently, you might be more sensitized about what's happening on Facebook and comparing that to your own life," Jonides says.

If you're feeling bummed, researchers did test for and find a solution. The prescription for Facebook despair is less Facebook. Researchers found that face-to-face or phone interaction — those outmoded, analog ways of communication — had the opposite effect. Direct interactions with other human beings led people to feel better.
Source: Click this link:

So, warriors! Don't stay in Facebook in 1 or 2 hours (it depends). Or else. I don't know. But check your feelings. Talk to your friends, not your Facebook Friends who are not really your friends in person.

Never mind me, I'm just hungry.  I'm not against in Facebook. I like Facebook. It  keeps me connected to my true friends.

Now, time to go home.  Again.
Never mind me.

'till my next entry!
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This is all about worshiping our God. Choosing between pleasures and God. This movie is one of my favorite. Sometimes, we want everything in our life. We want to chase our dreams -- a dreams that makes our life becomes miserable - it's a choice that made from ourselves and not from God.  It's either that dreams are for our own good or not.  We want it because we want to please people.We want to chase that dream even if God is directing you for a better. We are disobeying God. We want to run from God and chase that dreams.

The more you choose that dreams, the more you miss the better opportunity from God. Sharing this song from AJ Michalka " All I Ever Needed"

 Well infact, God is the One who gave us the desires of our hearts.

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
 But as you continue to read the verse:

5 Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this:
6He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.

7Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.

That's what God wants us to do. Commit our way to Him, Trust in Him. He is the One who will give the desires of our heart if we pray for it. God never gave a dreams that it is not for our own good. He wants us to give the Best!

So if you want your dreams come true. PRAY for it. ASK for it. TRUST HIM. Always put God first and everything will shine like a dawn. Your dreams will come true in God ways. Don't just chase it alone. Pray for it. Chase it with God's presence.

What if you have a certain dreams, and you're in the edge of the success.. are you sure it is from you or you just want to please people? Check your heart. If  we chase that dreams without Him in our life it is meaningless!

He wants the best for you warriors!Chase your dreams that is from God.

'till my next entry!
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Okey, let's talk about this movie. 

 Esther 4:14

 For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

 The Book of Esther, emphasizes the value of courage, faith and obedience.
Esther becomes King Xerxes' queen, When you read the whole book of Esther in the Bible, you can probably say that this movie does stick with the purpose of the story.
King Xerxes, promoted Haman and advanced him and set his throne above all the officials who were with him. But Haman's plan is something horrible for Mordecai (Esther's cousins) and Jewish people.
 You can say that whatever Haman's suggestion to the King. The King will always grant it because he thinks that Haman is a faithful servant.
When Queen Esther heard about the news, it's up to her to win the favors of the King and save the Jewish people from Haman's treachery.
 Although, when you read the Bible, when the King saw that Haman was falling on the couch where Esther was, King Xerxes immediately summoned the royal guards  to hang his head on the gallows which Haman prepared for Mordecai.
But in the movie, King Xerxes would like Haman to present the case about Jews and he allowed Mordecai to depend the Jews.
Haman said that "Jewish people Honor their God and despised their King."
Mordecai included that "Whoever disobey the king will disobey the God."
 But Haman ask "What if the majesty commanded one thing and God commanded another? Who then, Mordecai who will obey?"
 Mordecai answered "...for  you majesty I owe my living.. but to my God.. I owe my life."
Queen Esther speaks in behalf of Mordecai. She asked if there is something that Mordecai has been disobey? She then asked the King the same question asked by Haman.
Then the King answered "I would have a man (who) follow in his conscience. For even kings had been known to makes mistakes.."
 King Xerxes learned that Haman is a treason and not Mordecai. He summoned the royal guards to hang him on the gallows.. and so on..
 When you watch the movie it feels like you're watching it in theater..but If I rate it in 1-10, 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. I'll give 7. Quite great but I expect more of it!

Enjoy watching!
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Just want to share this song. Again, I feel like I am trapped in my own mind today. I really need coffee. (sigh!)
Oh hey! By the way, this song is for all people who really waits for someone or something. (If you know what I mean about "Waiting")


I think,  part of our life is to 'Wait' even if we don't know if it will going to happen or not. Some of us think that 'Waiting' is painful.

Infact, God is 'Waiting' too.

Isaiah 30:18 (ESV)

Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the LORD is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.

WAITING is really the most difficult part of our life. But if we WAIT Patiently, God is the One who will surprised us with His perfect timing and place. God only knows for the perfect time. If God says 'Wait' Don't worry. You can't really rush for something you want to last Forever.

The truth is that God always answers our prayers, in one of three ways, Yes, No and Wait, Not yet. 

Isn't it amazing? God gave us a hint every single day of our life when we think that God isn't listening to our prayers. If you prayed for something or someone. WAIT. There will always be a perfect timing for everything!

But those who can't wait patiently, Jesus said in

John 13:7

Jesus replied, "You don't understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.

Up until now, someone is asking me if I have a boyfriend. Of course, I don't have. No one is courting me. (Silly one is courting me because texting is not my hobby. Chatting in facebook is not really my thing or if someone is looking or  talking about me... I'm usually acting like I can't see/hear  them. That's naughty! I'll talk to someone who only I know, especially if they know God. Not that choosy/picky..but hello! You can always feel like they're your brothers. You feel like you're comfortable with them! Yow!) well, as of now.. I'm not really thinking about it. Well, in fact I'm thinking about my future business, travels, writing songs, make time with my family and friends and most of all my relationship with God.

Sometimes, I think about having a 'relationship' But I think, It's not really for me. Why? Because, I need to learn how to cook delicious foods, know how to budget, and know how to handle difficult situations. Plus, I'm insecure with everything. I'm a shy type person! Really! Haha!

Some of my friends think about they're future husband but the only I think is my future life in this world. Ok, seriously. I'm not thinking about it because God is the One who will writes my love story. I don't want to rush anything. If there is. Let it be. Will pray for it. If none. Let it be. God has a purpose.

Even if I only live once in this world. I will wait for everything.

 I've search about people who listened this "Love is Waiting by Brooke Fraser". It's really amazing! Let's read about what they think about this song:

 malahat27on October 05, 2008
this song is perfect for me! i have been looking for a song lilke this for a while now....
i belive its about surrendering you life to GOD and having him set up ur life.
i have been in this delema for a while. i was not sure wat love is or should be or if i am allowed to even fall in love. But truly GOD has everything under control. He knows who is right for you and who your goning to fall in love with. Everything is a matter of time and with GOD all things are possible. i wanted to be like every one and fall in love but my time has not come. this is true for a lot of people.
i love the part..." and like I can't force the sun to rise or hasten summer's start,neither should I rush my way into your heart"
we should just give love time and like the song says "love is waiting"  
snazzshazzon March 16, 2010  

This is such a beautiful song. I love how the lyrics are so sophisticated and beautiful, I mean these days every artist is writing about love in such a derogatory manner and these lyrics are a pleasant change from that.
I think the song is about being patient about falling in love and also keeping yourself pure for your future partner.
"I'll be waiting for you baby"
It's directed straight towards her future lover and it's basically saying 'I dont wan't to rush this. This only happens once in a while, lets make it last, lets savour it, lets do this how God wants us to do it.'
I love how the song just really respects love and treats it how God would've wanted us to treat it - with patience and time, not just falling in love with everyone you date.
I reckon Brooke Fraser had a particular person in mind when writing this, the lyrics are so loving and emotional. She has the most amazing voice. 
 JandDon October 17, 2011 
Maybe it is for any form of relationship...

I think, it is allowing time, and space and The Lord to work through things between people... Not rushing things... like we all people do...

No matter what, I believe, if we let God take control, there is definitely "Love Waiting" for us...
Maybe a human relation or with God.... the latter is definite... If it is right before our eyes, make sure we do it well...

I will wait too. 

All comments are found in this link:
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Monday, April 6, 2015

How can I tell You to search for me?

Here I am, standing straight.
Can I be honest?
Why I feel like I'm not worth it.
Do I need to praise it?

It seems like no one can see,
Do I need to tell my pain?
Do I need to speak it loud face to face?
I think I'm insane.
No, I think I'm insecure.

How can I tell you to search for me?
When I'm a prisoner of this world,
full of wickedness and shame.
Darkness, filled this emptiness of my heart.
Shadow that keeps hunting me.

Is there a chance?
A chance to say "No"
A chance to say "I can't"
A chance to say "Sorry?"
Or a chance to say "I'm lost?"

I'm lost in this darkness.
This mind.
This heart.
This world.
I'm trapped.

How can I tell you to search for me?
Do I need to break  the chains by myself?
Now.. there is no hope..
The only thing I can see is shadow.
"Who are you?"

Now, can't stop my tears.
How can I tell you to search for me?
When I don't have a voice?
Only my mind can speak.
How can I tell you to search for me?

Now, shadows are standing in front of me.
I'm so scared.
Is there anyone in there?
The other side of my brain is full of Fears.
While the other side is full of Faith.

Time has passed.

No one.
No one.
How can I tell you to search for me?
Tears keep falling.
I closed my eyes and pray.

Time has passed.

There is.
There is.
How can I tell you to search for me?
There is a light.
Now, I stand straight again.

Time has passed.

I walked.
 Now, I can tell.
 If you have Faith.
There is Hope.
There is God.

God is the One who will Fix you. Sharing this song by Cold Play "Fix You"

'till my next entry!
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Find My Joy Again (repost)

I widely opened my eyes as I heard His voice,
 "Where is Your Joy my child?"
The same question, I asked myself. “Where is my joy?”
I know that there is something inside of my heart that I can’t figure it out by myself… something like, a part of ME that is missing…
How can it be so hard for me to put myself in Joy for I have nothing to worry about? Jesus didn’t died on the cross for us to grieve.
. He wants us to live with joy in our hearts.. My Joy is Jesus…
 "I am defeated without You, hear my heart sing..hear my cry for I have nothing to offer You…I need You now. Would You show me Your GRACE again? I want to find my joy again and that is You because You reminded me in Nehemiah 8:10 “…for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

(Find My Joy Again is a song by WorshipMob..too emotional for me but it reminded me to Find My Joy always to Jesus…)


'till my next entry!
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