Thursday, April 16, 2015


Did you ever feel that people won’t appreciate you? Did you ever feel that sometimes you’re comparing yourself to others? Did you ever feel that you’re thinking what others think about you? Are you a victim of a cyber-bully?  Or it might be, someone is bullying you at school?

If yes, there’s really something wrong about you. Why? At first, you’re listening to what others think about you. You keep accepting their negative thoughts about yourself well in fact they don’t even know you at all, instead of ignoring them, you just keep on accepting their thoughts. And that’s the reason that they keep on judging you. Fight with it if you think that they’re wrong. If it is true, accept it and learn from it. If they won’t accept it, they won’t worth it. 

Have you realized that you won’t accept yourself because you always think about what others say? They think… they say… they keep on judging….they keep on bullying me…”

Be positive. Don’t change yourself!  Start accepting yourself! Know yourself! God knows you! No one will judge the way God created you. Accept it! Live with it! Love yourself! You should be thankful. Bitterness, hatred, jealousy won’t give you satisfaction. Don’t live with it. Live a life with full of positive thoughts and always remember that you are blessed!

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  1. hi! hi! hi! just wanna ask, how can you edit your template like that.? ang ganda po ng blog niyo and I like it. and pls help me plo, I'm a begginner so yeahh hahahah! and pls help me po thanks :)

    1. Hi! Sorry for late response! You can actually search for your template. Pipili ka lang ng free template for blogspot. Then download it. At first nakaZip file siya. Pero ang kailangan mo talaga is naka xml format sya. Punta ka sa Template na sidebar, then hanapin mo yung Back Up/Restore. Upload mo yung template na dinownload mo sample only: (BetaCommerce eCommerce Blogger Template.xml) then ok na. Iedit mo nalng yung mga bagay na gusto mong iedit sa template mo.